Monday, October 12, 2009

Todays Update

Monday, October 12, 2009

Day by day
Remember Saturday when I started off by saying I was too tired to type. Well, it turns out I wasn't really that tired after all. TONIGHT I'm tired! I made not one, but two trips to the hospital today. In the morning when I got there John was pretty much wide awake and of course insisting that he was going home today. He's still not completely coherent yet but he's working on it. We were talking about the kids and he asked when they would be up to see him again so silly me told him I could bring them up after school. The nurse let me stay almost an hour past visiting time, then I had to go and get new tires on the Jeep and call both schools to make arrangements to pick up the kids early so we could get back to the hospital for the 4:30 visiting hours. Unfortunately by that time John had pretty much wore himself out being awake all day, so he was drowsy and kept nodding off. The kids did get to talk to him a little and Brian got to see his leg (so did I earlier in the day). It's not wrapped or anything so I guess that means it's healing well.

John passed his swallow test today so he can have soft foods now. But they won't let him have plain water yet and that's what he keeps asking for. They also had the neck brace off when we were there this afternoon so he can move around a bit more. And as long as he behaves they're leaving the restraints off him now too.

I can't imagine what tomorrow will bring! LOL

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  1. Thanks for stopping by today and posting about my giveaway. I will enter your name twice so Good Luck!
    Can't wait to get more time so that I can read through your blog. I love finding new blogs to read.
    Enjoy your evening!


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