Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wed. Update

Wednesday update

from Terry's Treasures by Terry
Every day I say this, but what a difference a day makes! I got a call this morning from the rehab people that they were planning to move John to rehab today. They needed my OK to get the paperwork going. At 4 he was still in his regular room. I'm waiting on a call from the nurse to let me know he's been moved. They say he'll be in there anywhere from a few days to a week, depending on how long it takes for him to get his strength back. Then he'll have more outpatient rehab after he gets home of course. But at least he'll be home where he can rest and recuperate and sleep in his own bed.

John was even more aware of things today. He was very tired though because he got no sleep last night. He said where he's at now it is very noisy...lots of people coming and going all night. So hopefully he'll get some sleep tonight in his new room. I've got to pack him a suitcase tonight as he needs clothes for rehab. They basically just teach him how to manage on one leg (with crutches, a walker, etc) and how to manage safely, how to dress, shower, etc. After that they send him home for me to deal with.

All in all his leg (stub) looks pretty good. The skin the doctor was concerned about seems to be doing OK. It's been six days since his last surgery so we would have known by now if there was a problem. It will take a couple of months of working with the stub to shape it before he can be fit with a temporary prosthesis. Until then his crutches will probably be his best friend! :0)

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  1. I am sure once he gets home he will be so happy and from what you say about him, nothing will keep him down.


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