Tuesday, November 24, 2009

3 New Ornaments

I just made these 3 felt ornaments to have on hand for my swap group. I like the purple one the best because it has buttons on it and I love buttons.


  1. They are all very cute, but purple is one of my colors, so I also like that one best. Wait, I also like your little flowers a lot, so that red one on the left is very special too. Heck they are all wonderful!

  2. Very cute! I want to make some too, but I need to buy more felt.

  3. Tudy you are a life saver...I was hoping to make some little thing to give to all the craft ladies in our Guild at Saturday's Christmas luncheon. I wonder how many I could make before Saturday!! he he he... I bet I won't be ho ho hoing...Friday night
    Rainbow smiles... Gloria


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