Sunday, November 22, 2009

Christmas Tradition

This is a tradition we have done for well over 30 years in this spot. The Nativity belonged to the churchs in our town when it started but these are new people and they belong to our church now. Hubby has been helping put it up since 1972 when it went down town by our Library. It was then moved to this location. Because it got to crowded for it to be seen well. Hubby is the one bent over. Jim and Robert have helped us for the past several years.

Hubby and Robert adjusting the straw around Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. There is a light above Hubby's head that lights it all night long.

Finished set up of our Nativity. I do help carry some of the pieces and I take the pictures. I also advise on where things go and if it looks okay.


  1. I love that Nativity every year! Thanks for you and Dale being a part of it!

  2. How very nice....thanks for sharing.

  3. I LOVE the fact that there are towns in America that allow Nativity scenes to be displayed without any political haranguing over constitutional rights. Thank you for blessing my heart today! Poket

  4. OOPs! spelled my name wrong! :-} pokey

  5. Hi Tudy...what a great nativity scene. Of course they would need an operations director.. that's an important job!! Christmas is getting close. We must get around to my 90 year old Dad's place and put up the lights. Will try and get a photo on my blog when it's done.
    Rainbow smiles :-} Gloria


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