Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Morning Rainbow

My hubby called home this morning from the garage he visits and said look out back at the rainbow. I looked and these are the pictures I got. The temps were in the low 50's (F) and we had rain and sunshine off and on all morning. Then this afternoon we went out and the weather had changed completely. We had heavy wind and snow, white outs at times. I guess that is Ohio weather. It is very windy right now. We are expecting up to 50+ mile an hour winds tonight. I sure hope the power does not go off because it is now very cold out. I think it is in the 30's (F) right now.


  1. I saw a rainbow straight to the north of us this morning when I took Em out to the bus. Then on the way to Akron, we saw two more in two different directions. Crazy weather!

  2. Lovely, and very nice that you captured it with a camera to be enjoyed beyond the moment.

  3. It's often hard to catch them on did a good job! Thanks!

  4. Oh wow....that is awesome.

    I hear alot of people's power is going off in Missouri....hope yours stays on.

  5. Wow...snow seems so strange with us having such heat!! Enjoy the weather...and do you make snowmen? hhhhmmm?
    Rainbow smiles.. Gloria


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