Saturday, February 6, 2010

Heavy Snow Again

We had a heavy snow starting yesterday about 3 P.M. This is a covered bench by my porch door at 7 A.M. this morning. Probably a foot of snow on it.

Hubby went out to use the snow blower to clean the sidewalk and driveway. The snow is up to the top edge of the snow blower. His is one you have to push through the snow. It fits on our closed in porch so he has it when he needs it.

He is starting to look like a snowman. He will not wear a hat.

You can see the plume of snow that he is sending away from the vans. It is also windy.

Look at the way the snow is hanging off the top of our van. The wind was from the north.


  1. Don't you love all this snow?? We have a little more than you do, and we have lots of blowing and drifting here too.

  2. Tudy...I feel your pain...we have 18 inches and it's suppose to snow well into the evening...

  3. It all looks beautiful, especially if you don't have to go out

  4. Oh my it sure looks beautiful, it is so unusual for us here in Ontario not to have any snow. This time last year we had tons just like you have. It is realy weird for us to still see our grass. I always enjoy the snow when I do not need to go anywhere LOL.

  5. Here in ky we had very little snow. It is very pretty, but glad we don't have it. STAY WARM AND HAPPY SEWING! HUBBY need a hat on.


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