Sunday, February 21, 2010

Overnight in Amish Country

We left home about noon on Friday for Amish Country here in Ohio. I had never seen snow on corn shocks sitting in the field before but it was interesting to see. As you know if you have followed my blog our area has had more than it's share of snow this winter. This is about an hour south of us. It is just north of Mt. Hope. We were on our way to Ashery's bulk food store. Click on the pictures for a closer view.

This picture was taken just coming into Berlin. It is just showing the snow and hilly country side.

This is Sat. morning in Walnut Creek. We had breakfast at the Der Dutchman and then I took this picture from the back parking lot. Great food and that is where we had supper on Fri. night too.

This is the Courthouse in Millersburg. I have always loved the look of this building. Most of my pictures were taken from inside the van. It was a sunny weekend and even if it was cold it was a nice trip. I will show what little I bought in the fabric store later.


  1. I'm sure it was pretty down there with all the snow! I'd rather see green grass and leaves on the trees though!!

  2. Tudy, I have visited this area myself. My BFF lives near Akron, and we've done the Amish Country Shop Hop in the fall. I've also been to the Ashery. What a great little store. It really looks beautiful with all the snow.

  3. I've been there several the people, food and shopping!!

    Stay safe and warm.....LindaMay

  4. The pictures are gorgeous Mom and I am glad you had a good weekend getaway. xx

  5. What a pretty courthouse building....can't wait to see what you bought in the fabric store!


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