Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Neighbors Flower and Mine, Plus Sidewalks

I was out taking pictures last night and got these of my neighbors flowers. This is a double Poppy, but I do not remember what kind it is. It is not like my Poppies.

Now pictures of her beautiful Roses.

Hubby and I worked on edging our sidewalk out to where we park today and I did not get a before picture but this is the after. We gained 4 inches in width after removing the grass that grew along the sides. I also used salt on the cracks to kill the roots that were left after the grass was shoveled away. What a difference it makes. Now we have a few more areas to do but only a little at a time. We are too old to do it all at one time.

These pictures were taken last night before the storms came through. This is my pink Peony.

These are my Sundrops, Common Geranium and I do not know what the dark purple ones are.

This Rose cam from the next one you will see and they are nothing alike. This one is red and double. It came from the roots of my ground cover rose in the next picture.

My Ground Cover Single Pink Rose.


  1. The flowers are all so pretty. I don't think that I have seen a double poppy before.

  2. Such beautiful flowers!!! They made me smile:)

  3. What beautiful roses! That poppy looks more like a peony! Your sidewalks look nice too! :0)

  4. Lovely flowers.....loved your post.

  5. Beautiful flowers! I am beginning to accept the fact that I can only do a little bit of gardening at a time.

  6. well, you know what they say, slow and steady wins the sidewalk! hehe

    it looks great...and thanks for sharing all of those pretty blossoms with us today...
    i was out for a bike ride this morning...and this one particular street, called tulip lane, none the less..smelled so wonderful! full of the aromatic frangrance of blossoms!

    have a great and creative day!
    ciao bella
    creative carmelina


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