Monday, August 16, 2010

This and That.

First I want to thank anyone who went and voted for Terry's quilt. She won by a good margin.

These are pictures of the sky after the storm on Sat. night coming home from my sons. I love sky pictures as you know if you have followed my blog for very long.

I love the way these Yo-Yo ornaments with snowmen faces came out.

I had these large beads and decided to make wreaths out of them. The bows are wired ribbon.


  1. Nice sky pictures! More cute ornaments too! :0)

    And yes, thank you everyone who voted for my quilt!

  2. I am excited that Terry won! I voted for her quilt also. That is so cool to win!! Love your sky pictures. And the ornaments came out great!


  3. The ornaments you're making are all so cute. I'd spend a fortune at your stand at the fair.

  4. Nice sky photos. And more cute ornaments!

  5. Wonderful ornaments! So many things you can do with yo-yo's.

  6. The photos are really gorgeous and the ornaments are adorable. I love the yo yo snowmen.


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