Friday, August 27, 2010

This and That

This is a pin cushion I made today. I forgot what they called it. I have never made one before but it was not too hard. I used a Yo-Yo and button on the top and bottom.

This is a crocheted scarf and hat. I usually knit them but thought I would try it for a change.

A low haze laid in the fields across the street from our house this morning. More like a Fall morning.

A different butterfly from what I have seen. I think it is a Monarch. It was on the Butterfly Bush.


  1. Your pincushion and crocheted items are very nice!

  2. I think your pincushion is called a biscornu or something like that. I've seen a lot of them done with cross stitch. I think that is a monarch too...the viceroys look similar but have a black line across their bottom wings.

  3. Very nice pincushion and scarf and hat! You are on a roll. I love your photos!

  4. There is a definite chill here in the mornings now.
    I love the shape of the pincushion

  5. What a cute pincushion and scarf


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