Friday, September 17, 2010

Storm, Flea Market Find & Christmas Breads

These are pictures of the storm we had last night. But we were lucky it was just wind and rain. Wooster where the fair was going on had worse weather. On the East side of town where the OARDC is located a twister touched down. It is a research center for agriculture and had a beautiful area with trees and flowering bushes which are all gone. Also their green houses are smashed plus some of their other barns and buildings. It just wiped out a lot of it plus a floral shop across the road. Some homes had some damage but not as bad and no one was hurt in all of it. Fox 8 news out of Cleveland showed some of it.

I found these last week at a flea market. I think they were for in kitchen drawers to be dividers. They are oak and very heavy. I had no idea what I was going to do with them but for $10 I knew I could use them some how. They are very heavy too.

I decided to stack them. I used double sticky carpet tape on each end, just a small piece to hook them together so they would stay in place.

I then found Glad containers that would fit in the spaces and some small narrow plastic baskets and sorted out my buttons in the Glad containers and put the thread I use the most in one basket and Rick-Rack in the other with a few of my fancy buttons still in their packages.

It sits behind my sewing machine where I can reach what ever I want from it easily. I also put 2 pincushions on top and the extra basket I had. I think it will work out great for me.

Christmas bread baking time. I make Amish Friendship bread every year and use the small pans. I give 3 different flavors to people in gift bags with a hand made ornament and card as their gifts. I will be done baking before Halloween. It keeps well wrapped in Saran Wrap and taped shut in the freezer for 6 months or longer. Everyone has their favorite kind. This is the mess while I am baking. I do 4 batches each time.

First batch out of the oven.

All 4 batches cooling. I will wrap them and label them shortly and get them in the freezer.


  1. Looks like you've been busy, I'm sure it smelt lovely in your house today. Great way to make a shelf unit

  2. Love the shelves you got! It's nice to be organized! Love the bread too...just have to wait for Christmas to get a taste! :0)

  3. That was quite the storm! I had heard about it on the news - as well as New York's storm.

    Love you idea for the shelves. Everything will be so handy. can put one of those hot loaves on my doorstep any day.

  4. What a terrible storm, so sad to hear of all the damage. Love the shelf set-up, good job!
    That bread looks fantastic, Tudy. I've never heard of Amish Friendship Bread - it sure looks yummy I'll have to google the recipe.

  5. Those shelves are so neat!! Great find. I can only imagine the smell of the breads today at the Terry I have to wait for Christmas for a taste LOL!

  6. I LOVE Amish Friendship bread. My mom makes it. I have the recipe but never have made it. Perhaps this year. I had to laugh...the brown rubbermaid bowl in your sink...I have the same one and the smaller yellow one that fits inside. Bought them in the late 70s when I moved into my first apartment. Still have them and and use them always and my son wants to inherit them. :o)


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