Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Decorating Is Done

The first tree I put out is this little button tree that my daughter Terry made me many years ago. It will sit on the desk by my phone. The picture is not taken there because there was too much stuff to be able to show it off well. This post has a lot of pictures. Enjoy them.

This is my ladder shelf with Christmas things hug from the pegs.

Our tree all decorated. I will take you around it and show you some of the hand made ornaments I made and others made. I make a new one every year to give with my breads as gifts for friends and family. Click for a better view.

My three happy snowmen made of wood.

This snowman is made on a small flower pot.
Felt snowman.

This gold ball was decorated with a bit of lace, beads and ribbon.

This is another ball decorated with lace, ribbon and flowers.

This is a circle of lace with a Christmas Santa head glued on. Very easy to make.

This angel is made with Yo-Yo's. The body was stretch so the center is behind her head and the wings were gathered around the middle.

Cross stitch fabric bag are also easy ornaments.

Wooden bird houses that I bought and added the snow and the birds.

This is one of the first ornaments I ever made. It is painted on red cardboard because that is all I had at the time. It has to be over 50 years old and they are on my tree every year. I think I make nicer ones now but these will be there always.

This is one of the ornaments Hubby's grandmother sent us for our first Christmas. That was 44 years ago. We prize them since she is no longer with us.

She also crocheted this one that same year.

This is one of mine again. Velvet stocking.

This is the tree topper I made a few years ago when I could not find a country topper. She sits on my ladder the rest of the year. I am sure you have noticed the garland in some of the pictures. I also crocheted it over a gold bead garland I bought. I think I have 4 lengths of it.
Tree with the lights on. It is a slim tree since our room is not too big. This is the second year for it. Before we had a regular size tree. But it took up a lot of room.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.


  1. Hi Tudy, I love your ornaments. We haven't put a tree up yet. We always get a live tree for upstairs. My friend gave us a fake tree that we will put in the basement for the kids to decorate this year. We have lots of ornaments so it will be nice to have two trees.

  2. I love your ornaments. I was decorating our tree and realized that some of the ornaments I made were now more than 30 years old...made at a time when money was tight, but they have a special place in my heart with you...they will always be on my tree. My daughter knows not to get rid of them, either, when something happens to me!

  3. Thanks for the tour Tudy, love all your treasures - I love seeing ornaments. I can't believe you're done already, I haven't even started, lol! Your home looks lovely.

  4. I leave my button tree out all year long! One of the best parts of putting up the tree is seeing all the handmade ornaments! :0)

  5. Lots of pretty decorations....thanks for sharing!

  6. You did a great job decorating. I have still to do mine.

  7. YOur decorations are beautiful. I love the ornament your MIL gave you. Hope your DIL is on the mend.
    thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Merry Christmas.


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