Monday, December 20, 2010

Our Family Christmas 2010

On the way to our son's home we saw the Goodyear Blimp over Akron. This shot is the first one I took. Click on it to enlarge it.

This was the last shot I could get because the road turned and it was on the wrong side of the van. It was a cloudy day.
We all had a great time and I wanted to show everyone what my daughter Terry made for us for Christmas. This picture was taken on the 4th of July this year in our yard in front of the big oak tree. I love how she printed it on fabric and then made a wall hanging from it. She made her brother's family one too. We will both cherish them forever.


  1. I saw thaat delightful gift on Terry's blog. It is wonderful.

    Those blimps are so huge, aren't they? I'm not sure I would like a ride in one.

  2. I'm so glad you liked the wall hanging! :0)

  3. I had no idea that Terry was your daughter. LOL!! She did such a great job on those wall hangings. You are so lucky!

  4. That is a really special gift from Terry - something you can enjoy forever!

  5. What a lovely gift...It is truly going to be cherished, I am sure.


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