Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow Storm and Poor Robins

Another bad snow storm. We woke up this morning to heavy blowing snow. Probably around 6 to 7 inches but it is hard to say with the wind blowing it around. This is my north window in the kitchen and the snow was just plastered to it.

View out my front window about 8 AM.

Snow plastered to my north livingroom window while it was still dark outside.

My swing ended up just full of snow from the blowing snow. It sure looks funny. Click on it to see it better.

The poor Robins that showed up yesterday are trying to find something to eat. They are having a very hard time with all the snow and wind.

I sure hope this stuff goes away soon and Spring shows up. I think we have all had enough of winter for this year.


  1. Totally amazing! Guess you won't be getting an early spring!

  2. I agree, enough already - it was blowing snow here early this morning, but stopped quite quickly. C'mon spring!

  3. We had thunder storms with heavy rain and wind last night. I have a feeling our winter isn't over yet, though.

  4. We have definitely had more than enough snow! Sorry you got so much (again)! Our total (on top of the other which is quite deep) was 3" from late last PM. More snow supposed to come tomorrow.

    I do feel sorry for the robins....we have them too and they don't appear to be as happy as the cardinals!

    Take care, Karen

  5. OOoh Tudy that looks cold....brrr... and I'm a baby in the cold weather. Guess you would hate our heat and humidity. How do you keep motivated when it's so cold and dark? I need my sun... we are getting a lot of rain, and poor New Zealand has the earthquakes. Funny old world at the moment.
    Hope you're all better now.. Hugs Gloria


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