Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ohio Weather in March

This is looking out my front window on Sat. morning. Heavy rain yet again.

This is looking south of our home toward a field. In this picture the bright color is water. In an earlier post the dark was water. Sorry for the blur but it is rain drops on the window.

This is looking out our back door. The property is fairly flat so the water has nowhere to go. The ground can hold no more water after all the wet weather and snow melt we have already had. We are not near a creek so we should not flood. At the bottom of the picture is some of the leftover snow that has not melted away yet.

This is the same view out to the south but this time it is again snow covered. Last nights rain turned to a mix and then snow.

Out my front window again. Will spring ever come and stay?


  1. YEah, it will come because 'He promised!' but you just might have to wait a while longer. My family is still having flooded basements and continuously running sump pumps...very nerve wrecking with the forecast of today.
    In NC, we are suppose to get oodles of rain as well, but it hasn't begun yet!
    Stay in and occupy yourself with all your crafts; have fun!

  2. are getting drenched.....

    STAY DRY!!

  3. I think you are getting the cold storm that was here this past week. It has got to be discouraging to go from rain to snow again.

  4. I think we get more snow in Spring than Winter. At least in the Spring it doesn't turn to ice and stay for what seems like forever. But this year we also had a very mild winter, which is unusual.

  5. We're getting heaps of rain too Tudy, but we haven't got the snow!!! Thank sure looks cold. How do you keep your fingers working?
    Hugs Gloria


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