Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hummers, Rain and Hail Storm

My hummers are back. These pictures are blurry because they are taken through a rain soaked window. They were feeding during a hard rain, thunder, lightening and hail storm we had this afternoon.

This is just some of the hail we had this afternoon and over an inch of heavy rain, lightening and thunder came with it. We had just gotten the groceries unloaded when it all let loose.


  1. You are really having some bad weather....

    I love humming birds....

  2. Hey, sorry I haven't been here lately...the crud really got to me and well, school and life, and this and that and well, sorry!
    I know the rains have been very bad in some areas...have you begun your Ark yet?

  3. Crazy weather! I'm just glad that storm missed us!


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