Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More Flowers Last Night

These were in bloom last evening when I was out side. This is the Red Peony Bush I have been talking about.

Closer and better shot of the Red Peony in full bloom.

This is a double Lavendar Petunia we planted in containers.

This is called a double Pink Petunia also in a container.


  1. I love the beautiful double pink petunia. So colorful.

  2. Tudy - I wanted to tell you that I have been enjoying your flower posts. Flowers/trees/bushes are SO different here in Texas - they are beautiful - but I've been missing my Northern flowers. You have helped to make me smile with reminders of "my" flowers! Thank you :)

  3. Your flowers are gorgeous - love your little bag in your last post too!


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