Thursday, July 14, 2011

Finishes and Reflection

These are crocheted flower magnets that I found the pattern for on the internet. I think they would brighten up any fridge.

I got the mug mats finished. I really like the way they came out. The only machine stitching is the quilting, everything else is hand stitched.

This picture is of a Humming Bird feeding at the feeder but if you look in the bird bath you can see the reflection of the feeder and the bird. I caught this the other morning. I had never noticed the reflection before. I love this type of picture. Click for a larger image.


  1. More pretty handwork, Tudy. The mug mats are very neat.
    I do appreciate the photo share with the hummingbird's reflection, you captured a wonderful memory. Thank you for the share ~

  2. The mug rugs have turned out really well, really make the hexies stand out.

  3. Those magnets would certainly brighten up the kitchen.

    I love your cute mats. Nice job.

    The hummer doesn't seem too bothered by the reflection, does he?

  4. Great capture, Tudy! I love it when photos come out like that.

  5. You could do the quilting by hand too, maybe with Perle cotton or something. Love the reflection photo! :0)


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