Saturday, August 27, 2011

Computer Chair Fix and Playing with a Jar

Our computer chair in my bedroom has needed the arm covered for a long time. Hubby seems to rub his arm on the chair arm and has worn the fabric through.

My easy fix was to make arm covers. I just took a rectangle of fabric and hemmed it. I attached it to the arms with the screw in pins you use for furniture covers. They have a clear flat top and a cork screw type pin to screw it into the arm. It needs one more in the center but I need to get some more. I think it will work well.

I saw a jar on someones blog sort of like this for a pin cushion and thought this would make a neat gift with candy or nuts in it. I was just playing this morning. What do you think?


  1. I saw the tutorial for those and thought it was a wonderful idea. Thought it would make a perfect container for buttons and things too

  2. Lovely to see you mending iso buying a new chair, looks good,I think. Sweet jar,good for nuts!!
    Glad to see small plants growing,and I have read lots of Danielle Steel`s books. She writes easy and exciting:-)
    Hope you and yours are safe for the terrible hurricane that`s on its way.

  3. Add a little more stuffing and that jar would make a cute pincushion! Like Jane said filled with buttons would be nice! :0)

  4. Great idea to mend the chair arms...I'll have to remember that one.

    I make the little jars like this too. I put more stuffing in it and make a pincushion out of it. I put sewing supplies in it and give to my quilty friends at Christmas. Needles and a cheap thimble usually. I love these and I'm going to give these again this year but to some of my younger friends just starting to sew/quilt.


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