Friday, August 26, 2011

Flowers and Good Book

I just noticed today my spring blooming Creeping Flocks are blooming again, but just a few blooms.

We did have a pine tree stump where this wheel barrow that my hubby made now sits. The pine tree was topped 16 years ago with straight line winds and it had to come down. We left a stump to sit a wooden basket of flowers on. It has been rotting over the years and we knew it was getting bad. Last evening hubby noticed it was leaning east. He lifted the wooden basket and the stump fell over. The wheel barrow did sit in front of our home before being moved out front. I like the way it looks there.

This is another good book from a friend. I loved it.


  1. Love how your wheelbarrow looks. So welcoming and friendly! :)
    xx, shell

  2. My creeping phlox sometimes gets a bloom or two in the late summer too! And your wheelbarrow looks great there! Glad the stump is finally gone! :0)


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