Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lillies and Project

These Lilies have several names but I have always known them as Magic Lilies. The leaves come out in the spring and then die off without any blooms. Later in the summer these come out of the ground and bloom so pretty without any leaves. I love them.

This is going to be an ongoing project to use up my leftover baby yarn. It is thrown in a tote bag and can go anywhere I am going to have sit down time. I probably will not work on it much here at home because I have other things to do here. I have no deadline to finish it and have no idea how big I will make it. Just what ever I decide at the time.


  1. That's a pretty afghan! Pretty flowers too! :0)

  2. Your lilies are gorgeous. The last two years my leaves have come out, but no flowers have come. I keep hoping. Maybe next year. We have always called the "na*ked ladies" out here.

  3. Gorgeous lilies and so is the afghan yarn!


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