Friday, November 11, 2011

My Quilt and Hungry Pest

Terry got my quilt back from Joanne who quilted it for her. She brought it up tonight and she put the binding on because I was having issues trying to do it. I have done small easy projects but never anything this big. I can't thank Terry enough for getting me busy on it after about 3 years of having the panel fabric. She figured out the layout and did the cutting of the large pieces. I cut the small squares and put the top together. I am so happy with the way it came out. The quilting pattern is called Emily. Emily my granddaughter took the pictures tonight for us.

My rooms are small so it is hard to get pictures of large projects but Emily did a good job.

This is the pattern in the tan border on the edge.

Here is the pattern and binding on the back. I love the teal binding.

This is a larger view of the quilting on the back. I also love this quilt because it was done by 2 generations. Thanks again Terry.

This is one of our many pests. I do not know where he got the ear of corn but he brought it out front on my trellis to eat it.


  1. What a lovely quilt and how nice that Terry helped you with the binding!!!

  2. You're welcome! I'm just happy it's done now and you can enjoy it! :0)

  3. The quilt is beautifull, love]y quilting and the binding is perfect for bring it altogether. All of you have done a wonderful job, now you can enjoy it for many more years to come

  4. Beautiful quilt. So nice that you got it done. I love the quilting pattern. Just be glad that your pesky visitor brought his own lunch. My squirrels dig up and eat all the bulbs I planted for next spring.

  5. Lovley picture of you two there:-) Nice quilt, and beautiful soft quilting! What a little sweet squirrel;he seems to enjoy your garden.

  6. Love the quilt you both made together.


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