Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day and Ohio Weather

This is sunrise Christmas morning. No snow here in Ohio for Christmas.

A few minutes looking farther south from the front window.

Shortly after I took the sunrise pictures I heard a funny noise out side and this is what I saw. Thousands of birds. They looked like leaves on the neighbors trees.

This was sunset on the way home from our daughters.

Today started of early this morning with a heavy rain. Then about 3:30 PM it started snowing large flakes. It made the woods across the road look like it was foggy.

Can you see the big flakes? Click the picture for a better view.

This was about an hour later.

This was about 2 hours later.

Now it is a very fine snow. That is Ohio weather. Wait 10 minutes and it will change.


  1. Snow hasn't started here yet...but...weather gurus are saying should have 2" by morning....


  2. You guys have really had a mild winter so far, haven't you. It is nice to see a dusting of the snow.

  3. That's a lot of birds! I've seen some big flocks around, but I don't think I've seen that many at one time!

  4. We have that thing with THOUSANDS of black birds a couple of times a year here. UGH on the snow....I am hoping we get NONE this year!

  5. We don't get snow here in my part of California. But we do need some rain. I hope we get some soon. This has been the driest December in awhile around here. The hillsides that are normally green at this time of the year are turning brown already. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

    Just today I went to a quilt shop and bought more fabric. Going to make a cute tote bag with it. I hope I get it done soon!


  6. We have rain-again! Hope you don't get too much snow overnight

  7. tudy that is very true of new england as well; yesterday we had a pinch of snow, was cold and then warmed up; 50 today and 14 overnight, yikes! but our snow is gone thanks to some rain; cold is ok but snow is not, definitely not


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