Friday, December 16, 2011


No pictures because I have finished all my Christmas gifts awhile back. I have also been busy making a few sweets for our Christmas.

Hubby just finished a series of 3 nerve block injections in the hospital as an out patient and they seem to have helped some already. He is sore today because he got the last one this morning. He sees the doctor in Jan. and will then start physical therapy. His leg will take awhile to get the muscle built up so it will hold him up when walking. He has been on crutches for about 6 weeks now. He has gone through this twice before so I know he can do it again.

Pictures will be coming soon of our Christmas.


  1. I'm glad his shots are done now and he can start to get his muscle built back up.

  2. I hope his leg is a lot stronger very soon now!

  3. Glad the shots are done with and wish him all the best with the physio
    Hope you enjoy your weekend with the family

  4. I'm glad he is already feeling some relief. Wishing you both the best as he goes through PT again.


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