Saturday, February 4, 2012

Weather Surprise and House Blocks

This is the chance of rain the weather man said we could get this morning. Surprise the front did not go as far south as they thought it would and Mother Nature dropped this on us. A lot of it is gone this afternoon but it sure was a surprise.

Here are my orange house blocks for Terry's BOM. Not too bad for a person who does not do points meeting each other.


  1. Your houses look great to me! And remember...practice makes better! :0)

  2. While it is beautiful, you can have it...I'll just go for my walk in my shorts :)

  3. Your house blocks are very nice. I don't want that snow, you can keep it there.

  4. They've turned out really well, nothing wrong with them at all.
    We had our first snow yesterday, although it's not as much as you've had over the last few weeks

  5. Love your houseblocks;looking nice all of them:-) The white snow brightens things up while it lasts. We are getting more and more every day!


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