Tuesday, May 1, 2012

This and That

I saw my first Humming bird this morning at my feeder. It is not a good picture but it is flying just left of the feeder.  I hope you can see it. I put my feeder out on Sunday.

This Granny square candle mat was made as a gift.

I made this granny square table topper as a gift also.  I have been crocheting a lot lately.

My first Clematis is in bloom.  I was afraid it would not bloom because we have had several frosts and freezes since the buds appeared.  But it is beautiful this year. 

I think I figured out how to manage blogger.  I write the first topic for a picture and then add the picture.  I then write the second topic and add the pictures for it.  And so on till I have my blog post the way I want it.  Hope this might help someone else out there having trouble with blogger.


  1. Tudy, the crocheting is lovely...and I was just looking at my bird feeder yesterday thinking it was time to pull it out and fill it :) now I'll really have to do that!

  2. My hummer feeders have been filled for a couple of weeks but I've not spied them yet. I do have a robin's nest I can see from my living room window that has 4 eggs in it and I read about them and it appears they will hatch on Mother's Day weekend......which I thought was really cute!

  3. Love the granny squares! Guess I need to get my hummer feeders put up this week.


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