Thursday, June 21, 2012

2 Finishes

Here are 2 small finishes I have gotten done while trying to get this asthma in check.  Our hot humid weather is not helping right now.  I do have air conditioning which makes it easier.  I think both will be gifts.  This is a shallow bowl which could be used to hold your keys as you come home or anything else.  It is made of cotton yarn.

This is a pint canning jar that I covered.  The crocheted lid is held in place with double sticky tape.


  1. I do like that bowl, very pretty

  2. Very nice! You could add a yo-yo to the top of the jar lid too! :0)

  3. Love you little jar and bowl, it is a good day to be inside, it is a hot day here, but i have got to get out and do some watering. have a ghreat day!!


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