Monday, July 30, 2012

This and That

My house block quilt is all hand quilted with clear quilting thread and long stitches.  Now it is ready to be trimmed and I can bind it.  This is from Terry's BOM.

My son has a reef tank, salt water and all things in it are alive.  Here are some pictures I took Sat.  This one is a Clam on the right and a star fish on the left.  It looks like a big spider to me. Click the picture to see the Star fish.  The clam is open right now but closed after it got fed.

This is Coral.  And it moves with the water current.

Coral on the left and Nemo on the right coming right at me.

He has a lot more than this in it but I will not add more pictures right now.


  1. Congratulations on getting your quilting finished! Love the starfish and of course Nemo! :0)

  2. Great finish Tudy! I love the starfish and the clam! I bet it is fun to sit and watch all the activity in his tank.

  3. Well done on finishing the quilting, one step closer to the finish. It's going to look good


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