Thursday, August 2, 2012

Flowers, Bird and Book

Hubby took these pictures of a few of my flowers.

I had a new visitor to my birdbath last night.  He is a Black Cap Chickadee.  He actually did take a bath.  Click to see a bigger picture.

I just finished this book and it was very good.  It is the last of a series.


  1. Your flowers are so pretty! And how cool you had a chickadee! I love those little birds!

  2. The garden is looking beautiful, lovely to see it blooming

  3. Your flowers are beautiful. I love the hibiscus. Those huge white flowers with the pink centers! I am on the lookout for one exactly like that for my garden. They seem to only sell them at this time of year here. Cute chickadee. They come to my backyard too, especially when I have some food in the goldfinch feeder. They love that!


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