Sunday, August 5, 2012

This and that

My all white Hibiscus is in bloom.

Another good book.  I have never read any of her books but this one was different from other Amish fiction I have read. It is the first of 3 books.  I am going to get book number 2 this week from the library.

I had 2 Humming birds feeding at the same time  yesterday.  I never get more than 1 because they chase each other away.  I was very surprised when I looked out my window.

This morning it is raining.  We need it so bad here.

This is my Magic Lily that bloomed yesterday.  Last year I had a huge bunch of them but so far this is all there is.  Maybe today's rain will bring up more.  I sure hope so.  But all my flowers have struggled this summer.


  1. Your hibiscus is gorgeous. It has been years since we had magic lilies. They are fun when they magically appear.

  2. Your hibiscus is so pretty! I need to rework my flowerbeds next year. I think my hibiscus have all died.

  3. I love your hibiscus! So pretty. The magic lily is lovely too. I tried to plant some fall crocus that look like that, but the squirrels dug them up.


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