Friday, November 16, 2012

The Barn

More on the barn.  They were talking about how they were going to wire the barn.

 The barn was suppose to be spray painted today but the paint was so thick it would not go through the sprayer.  It was the same pain that our son used 4 gal. of to paint his barn.  Not sure why it was so thick.  Anyway they decided to brush the grooves and roll the rest.  Son and hubby at work.

Finished painting until spring when I will paint the trim.  Now it looks like it belongs to our property.


  1. At least they had a nice day for it! :0)

  2. Nice! It will be fun to make it pretty too. If your hubby lets you. Like having pretty flowers planted around the outside. Looks like it will hold lots in there.


  3. You were fortunate to have a dry day, it looks good


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