Monday, December 3, 2012


Lots of Christmas ornaments.
These first 4 ornaments were sent to us our first Christmas by hubby's Grandmother.  She made each one herself. She crocheted this ball ornament.  The Santa in the background was from an ornament swap.  It came from Calif.

Felt star.

 Felt and rick rack stripes.

Fake fur kitty.

I made this snowman from felt a few years ago.  The elf on the star was one of the very first ornaments I made and that was probably 1960.

This is a snowman on the back of a teaspoon.  The handle is bent to hand on a branch.  The gold ball is decorated with lace.  I made both of these.

Velvet stocking made by me also.

This beaded bell came from Australia in an ornament swap.  I just love it.  I made the bag with cross stitch on it.

 This is an ornament Terry gave me last year.

Terry also gave me this button wreath.  The crocheted angel was a swap gift.

 I made the gathered lace ornament with a resin Santa glued in the center.  I also did the three wooden snowmen. They are glued to each other.

This is a German folded star.  I have made a whole lot of them out of paper but this one is made of Christmas ribbon.

 I wanted a country tree topper a few years ago and could not find one so I made this one.  I bought the teddy bear and dressed it.  It sits out all year long.


  1. Everything looks great! I love the ornaments you got from great grandma cook! I remember that cat and the green crocheted ball.

  2. What a fun tree, you have a story for each one, that is what makes it special!


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