Sunday, January 20, 2013

Birds and Block Cutting

We have had that large swarm of black birds again.  My van looks like they bombed it.  These birds are in my front side yard.  It is too cold to wash the van right now.  There has to be thousands in the flock.

 These are the blocks for Terry's sew along.  We will start sewing in Feb.


  1. Good for you getting your fabric cut. I hope to get my background fabric cut this afternoon.

  2. That is a lot of in the movie "Birds"...
    movies now a days make that one look lame but when it came scared me to death.

    My father in law used to say... Birds sing to other people but always crap (sorry for the french) on my car.

  3. That looks very well organised, can't wait to see it all come together

  4. Good morning Trudy, I received your gift, love everything in it, love home made it mean so much, the melts will make my home smell good also.. I can chew my chewing gum and sew and sew until the sweet is alll gone. LoL! Thank you so much!!!! I will be mailing you something that i have made to you!!! Have a grat day! Also Sunday morning my yard was full of black bird and I scare them all across the street by slapping my hand.


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