Friday, March 8, 2013

A Win and Crocheting

I won a giveaway from Jane.  This lovely pin cushion.  Thanks Jane I love it.

This is a small doily I made from the last of my grandma's gray thread.

This was the first of the gray thread I used.  It is the same color as the one above but the light was not good.  I love working with thread I knew my Grandma had.

This was a little tricky to crochet.  But I got it finished and it is a pretty light yellow.

More of grandma's thread.  It is about 5" across.

My shoulder is getting a little better so maybe some sewing will happen soon.


  1. Lovely pin cushion from Jane. Your doilies are so pretty Tudy.

  2. Pretty doilies! I love the pincushion you got, and mine too! :0)

  3. Glad the pin cushion arrived safely. Looks like that crochet hook has been busy, lovely doilies


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