Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Busy Hands

I am keeping my hands very busy lately.  These doilies work up fairly quickly and I am using up my supplies.  Many will be donated to the church but some will be gifts and I might try to sell some of them.  I have a good sized stack right now.  This pink one is a new patter I found yesterday on line.  It was not hard to follow.

This one takes about an hour to make.

This is also a new pattern for me.  It finished 4 rows smaller than it is.  I added the last 4 rows because it looked like it needed it.  Shell are an easy kind of row to add.  I like this blue thread.


  1. The top one is a lovely pattern

  2. I like the pattern in the top one, but I love the blue color in the bottom one. They're all lovely! :0)

  3. Such lovely doilies Tudy. These would be gorgeous sewn down on a backing and then quilted into a quilt.


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