Sunday, March 10, 2013

Saturday's Crocheting and Time Change

Here are the 2 doilies I crocheted yesterday.  They work up very quickly. This one is peach and about 5 inches across.

 I love pineapple doilies and this one came out great.  It is 10 1/2 inches across and I love it. This picture looks blurry in places but it is just the way the thread changes colors.

Our time jumped ahead an hour last night so we lost an hours sleep.  The only good part is our evenings will have an extra hour of daylight. I know I will miss that hour tonight.  Can spring be far behind this change?


  1. I'll miss the hour when I have to get up in the morning to get Em on the bus. My poor body is going to think it's 4:45 and that's just too early! Love the doilies! :0)

  2. The doilies are so nice, the purple one is my favorite with that pineapple stitched in. I have many of those from Larry's momma, but with her vision loss, they are a treasure! I'm with you in the time change, it is hard for the next week to get up and go to work!

  3. Oh Tudy, your doilies are just beautiful! I am in love with the purple one. I wish they would leave the time as is instead of changing it it twice a year.


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