Monday, March 25, 2013

Snow/Spring and Crocheting

Woke up this morning to more snow but it has almost all melted by now but there is more to come tonight.

This is part of yesterdays crocheting.  Two small doilies which emptied 2 more spools of thread.

This emptied another spool of thread.  It is an ivory white.  The ruffled one may end up as a jar lid.

This is what I did today and I love this lavender color and the shell stitches go  fairly quickly.


  1. You've made the most of your crochet cotton. After all the snow we had this weekend, you'd think we'd had enough, but it's snowing again now

  2. Your doilies are all so pretty! So was the snow, but I'll be glad when it's gone!

  3. We never get snow.:( But it is really cold here. Your doilies are so lovely Tudy. You have inspired me to start hooking some up as well.


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