Thursday, March 21, 2013

This and That

This will be a heavy in pictures post. Here are two jar covers I made.  I really like this pattern.

Two more jar covers and a bright pink small doily.  I like this doily pattern too.

Two off white doilies.  Both are about 5 inches across.

This was the sunrise yesterday morning.  Just as the sun was coming above the trees.

A green variegated pineapple doily from my grandma's thread.

I found a home for my table topper.  On my kitchen table with my mushroom battery operated votive light.

Two more doilies and a battery operated votive holder.

Small green variegated doily.

I have used up and emptied 8 spools of #10 knit-cro-sheen since I started making doilies.  None were full balls but some were pretty close to full.  That is a big dent in my stash and I have lots of doilies to give as gifts or donate to our church bazaar.


  1. Everything looks great! I'm glad you found a home for your table topper! Might I please have the top green variegated doily, if you don't already have a purpose for it?

  2. Oh, you have been so busy, it's lovely to have put all that thread to good use

  3. So, so very pretty!! The church bazaars will love you!! I have some my grandmother made that I will treasure forever.

  4. You do lovely crochet work. Those doilies are beautiful!

  5. You have been a busy girl Tudy! I love each of the doilies that you have made. So pretty.


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