Tuesday, March 26, 2013

This and that

I found new things to put on my birthday gift table topper.  The dish is a gold Iris and Herringbone dish with fake apples.  I like the way the gold goes with the topper.

This is row 1 and 2 of the Wiggly Whimsy sew along with Terry.  It will have white sashing between the rows.  As simple as this pattern is I always seem to put a row or two in wrong and have to take it out.  Maybe next month I will get row 3 done with no un-sewing.  I do love the pattern because there are no corner matching.  It sews up really quick.

Two more doily/jar toppers.  These work up in just over an hour.  A very simple pattern and it was free.


  1. Your table topper looks great with that bowl and the apples! Well done getting your second wiggly whimsy row sewn up too. I'm working on mine today.

  2. Love the table runner with the bowl. It seems to be a given that we quilters have to do reverse sewing every now and again. Hugs....

  3. The bowl and apples look great with the table topper...I am finally getting my cut and ready to start sewing...the doilies are so pretty. Where did you find the pattern as it looks really easy.

  4. Your wiggly whimsy strips look good, I'm hoping to get to mine over the next week or so


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