Monday, April 29, 2013

A Lot of Things

My Christmas Cactus are in bloom now and have bloomed off and on since Halloween.  I think they are a little mixed up.  I have white and a yellow one.

Here is my latest finish, a white pineapple doily.

This year to my surprise I have blue and white Forget-Me -Knots.  Last year they were all blue.

This is a wild Violet that is white with a blue/purple center. The bloom is toward the bottom left side.  Click on it for a better view.  I could not get any closer because the yard there is very wet.

We have these wild Violets all over our yard.

This Tulip has a very fine red line at the edge of each petal.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Flowers and a New Crochet Project

These are the flowers in bloom that I have not shown you before. All white Daffodil.

Forget-me-knots.  These go wild in my flower beds.

Primrose in two different colors.

This is my red Peony and this year it looks like it will have 8 blooms.  It has gotten so much taller in the last week.

My back porch.

This is a comparison of the hook and yarn I normally use on the right and the hook and yarn I am going to use for a future project.  My DIL Terri bought the yarn and I am going to make something for her out of it.  The hook is a size Q and the yarn is extra bulky.  I have to check with her on design to be made before I can start it.  Stay tuned to see what it becomes.

Monday, April 22, 2013

More Sewing

I finished the last 2 rows of Terry's Wiggly Whimsy Sew Along this morning.  I had issues making mistakes on the first few so when I got a system going with no mistakes I wanted to get them finished.  They do work up easily.  These are the last 2 rows.

Here are the 7 rows laid out on my living room floor.  They will have white strips between the rows when I am finished.  I think I will put the white all around it and then decide if I want to add anything else.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sky and Sew Along Rows

This was our spring sky yesterday morning.  It is the middle of April and this sky looks more like winter.  We did have a few minutes of snow flurries too.

 I am doing the sew along with Terry. These are rows 3,4 and 5.  I got on a roll and am now 2 months ahead of schedule.  I think I now have a system so I do not make mistakes in each row. They are straight but laying on the floor they look wavy.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Flowers and Finishes

Here are 2 more different flowers that are blooming today.  We had over 80 degrees yesterday and 60's today.  Tomorrows high is suppose to be 46 degrees with a 32 degrees at night.  I will have to cover my red Peony so it does not get it's tips frosted.  The top ones are all most all white and the bottom picture are flat with a oranger center.

Two more pincushions.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Projects and Flowers

I finished the counted cross stitch kit I got for winning the drawing on OPAM.  It was suppose to be a book mark but I put it in a clear frame instead.

I made this pocket size tissue cover for a friends birthday.  I think she will like it.  I have never made one before.

Another Pineapple doily is finished in tan.

What is blooming and growing in my yard today.  These Forsythia do not bloom well because we trim them every year so we can walk down our sidewalk.

These Peonies have jumped up by inches every day now.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Last Night's Sunset and a Pincushion

Coming home from a nice day at our sons home we did not expect to run into a pretty sunset because it had been cloudy and sprinkling all day.  But this is what we saw which was hard for hubby to drive through.  We come directly west to come home.


I saw a cute hexie pincushion on a blog and thought I would try one for myself.  Loved doing the 1/2 inch hexies but hated trying to make the pincushion a nice round shape.  It is okay but I will stick to square ones from now on I think.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Win and New Doily

I won the Jan. Feb. prize for the OPAM group that is listed on my side bar.  It arrived today from Peg.  I got a neat counted cross bookmark kit and some floss and a thread catcher.  I love them and have the cross stitch about 1/3 done.

 Yesterday I decided I needed a lavender doily for under my wooden tray in the bathroom.  So I sat down and made one.  It is a pineapple pattern.  Here it is blocked and spray starched.  I let it dry and when it did not dry fast enough I placed a fan so it would blow in it to hurry up the drying.  This picture is right after I sprayed it so it looks a lot darker.

Here it is placed under the wooden tray.  I am now happy with the way the counter looks.  Everything in this arrangement was found in my home.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Lots of Stuff

First here are the flowers blooming at my house today.

 I think the squirrels planted this one behind the well stone that leans against the front of our mobile home. Because I sure didn't.

I was playing and made this small yellow doily into a pincushion.  Last night I crocheted this hexie block and today I made a pincushion out of it too it is about 3 inches across.

I put away my humidifier which spends the winter on my bathroom counter next to my bedroom.  This is what I put in it's place.