Monday, April 29, 2013

A Lot of Things

My Christmas Cactus are in bloom now and have bloomed off and on since Halloween.  I think they are a little mixed up.  I have white and a yellow one.

Here is my latest finish, a white pineapple doily.

This year to my surprise I have blue and white Forget-Me -Knots.  Last year they were all blue.

This is a wild Violet that is white with a blue/purple center. The bloom is toward the bottom left side.  Click on it for a better view.  I could not get any closer because the yard there is very wet.

We have these wild Violets all over our yard.

This Tulip has a very fine red line at the edge of each petal.


  1. Everything looks great! My cactus bloomed last month again. I think they're all a bit confused! LOL

  2. I have never seen a yellow Christmas cactus. All of your flowers look so pretty.

  3. How lucky you are to have your Christmas cactus in bloom. Love the yellow. You also have some beautiful spring flowers. It's always so nice to see a little color coming after the long dreary days of winter. Enjoy. Nola

  4. Beautiful flowers. Those forget-me-nots are so darling. And how interesting that they came in white too. I love your doily.

  5. I've never seen a yellow Christmas cactus either! The flowers are beautiful!!! I love that Pineapple doily - so delicate. My great Aunts used to crochet like that too - I have some of their treasures - they mean so much to me :)


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