Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Flowers and a New Crochet Project

These are the flowers in bloom that I have not shown you before. All white Daffodil.

Forget-me-knots.  These go wild in my flower beds.

Primrose in two different colors.

This is my red Peony and this year it looks like it will have 8 blooms.  It has gotten so much taller in the last week.

My back porch.

This is a comparison of the hook and yarn I normally use on the right and the hook and yarn I am going to use for a future project.  My DIL Terri bought the yarn and I am going to make something for her out of it.  The hook is a size Q and the yarn is extra bulky.  I have to check with her on design to be made before I can start it.  Stay tuned to see what it becomes.


  1. I love the chunky yarn! It ought to crochet up quickly.

  2. Love seeing your flowers. I've just started putting in some flowers that will actually survive down here in Texas. Your peony reminds me of mine back in Maine! I love peonies! Mine would always attract ants - does yours?

  3. It's always a bit of a shock when have a big change in yarn size, doesn't take long to adjust. Looks like it should grow quite quickly

  4. Beautiful flowers Trudy. Have fun with your chunky yarn.


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