Sunday, April 14, 2013

Last Night's Sunset and a Pincushion

Coming home from a nice day at our sons home we did not expect to run into a pretty sunset because it had been cloudy and sprinkling all day.  But this is what we saw which was hard for hubby to drive through.  We come directly west to come home.


I saw a cute hexie pincushion on a blog and thought I would try one for myself.  Loved doing the 1/2 inch hexies but hated trying to make the pincushion a nice round shape.  It is okay but I will stick to square ones from now on I think.


  1. You did well with it, and I like it's lace skirt

  2. I like the pincushion! That first sunset picture looks as if the blankets are being pulled down over the sky!


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