Sunday, May 5, 2013

Another This and That

First of all besides the birds other critters use our birdbath as a watering hole. This is a momma calico cat who comes every morning and evening.  I like the outside cats that the neighbor feeds because they keep the mice population down.  She is very pretty but not to friendly.

These are the tomatoes and flowers we will be planting in our containers sometime this week.  I love the dark maroon we picked out this year to go with the white.

My pink tulips are doing better this year with the weather we are having.

I love my creeping phlox but I have a very hard time trying to keep the grass from growing in it as you can see.  If anyone has any solutions to getting rid of the grass please let me know.

My old fashion Primrose. 

More Phlox with grass in them.

I do not know the name of this ground cover but it will grow where it is even with the black walnut tree near it.  That tree which is not ours has killed off a lot of my plants on that side of our home.

Look at all the buds on my Red Peony.

This is my new bed pal.  It is a body pillow and is suppose to help my shoulder and hip so I do not curl up so closely.  It seemed to help last night.  I will be making a cover for it soon.


  1. Lovely pictures of your garden. We have a cat and he is not very friendly except to us. Not happy unless he is sitting on me or on something that belongs to me but when someone comes he hides. Cats are a law unto themselves. Hugs....

  2. Crazy cat! I love all the flowers! :0)

  3. Everything is looking really pretty

  4. Looks like spring is in full bloom there! That ground cover looks like a variety of Ajuga -- and it does seem to grow just about anywhere.

    I'll be interested in hearing how the body pillow works for you long term.


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