Thursday, May 23, 2013

Flowers and Birds

Here are the flowers in bloom today. Below is the difference in size from the small old fashion Iris to the newer hybrid ones.

My Red Peony that I have babied along from a start off the neighbors that a Black Walnut tree was killing off.  I took a start when they moved away 7 years ago and gave her the rest of the plant.  This year has been the best with 10 blooms on it.

Close up.

My Yellow/Gold Iris.

My White Peony that almost died off last year with some kind of mold or mildew.  The flowers a a little smaller this year but there a lot of them.

My Purple Clematis is the first to bloom.

My Catbird is back at the bird bath.  This is the first time I have seen them this year.  The Hummers are back too but I have not gotten a picture of them yet.

Mr. Cardinal is back each day for his bath and drink.


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