Friday, May 17, 2013


Here is what is blooming today. These Tulips have a feathered edge. I love them.

Alliums are always a surprise when they open.

Small old fashion Iris.

My Red Peony is ready to burst open, it has 9 buds this year.

This Bleeding Heart is in our compost pile.  It is huge, maybe 3 feet across.

Tomato plants in their pots with the cages ready to support them.  One is a grape tomato and the other is a normal sized tomato for sandwiches this summer.  They both have buds on them.

 My Petunias this year are white and dark burgundy.  Hubby made the wheel barrow a few years ago and it is sitting where there was a pine tree stump.

My purple Columbine. 

 This was our old camping tea kettle.  It is now my planter sitting on a tree stump which was cut down last fall to make room for our storage barn.

Lilly of the Valley are growing like crazy any place hubby planted them.  They spread very fast.  But I love their smell and bloom.


  1. Everything looks so nice! My favorite of this group are the columbines and the lily of the valley. I can almost smell those lilies!!

  2. Your flowers are looking fabulous! :0)


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