Thursday, May 30, 2013

More This and That

Here are the flowers and critters around this week.  Hummer decided to guard the feeder.  He seems to like his perch on top of the hook.  Click the picture for a better view.

First Blue Jay to visit the birdbath this year.

My first Poppy to bloom.

My White Columbine.

Purple and Pink Columbine in compost pile.

Baby Robin sitting on the fence.

Two baby Robins in the birdbath.  Momma was near but out of camera view.

White Clematis too high to get pictures from the ground.  I took this one from our front window.

I have heard the Chipmunks for awhile but this is the first I could get a picture of.  He is all over this flower bed and moves very fast.


  1. What a lovely garden--your pictures are so nice!

  2. You have plenty to keep you amused out there in the garden, some colourful visitors


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