Thursday, June 27, 2013

Playing with Glass

A while back Terry gave me a beautiful frosted mushroom she made from a small sundae glass and a bowl.  You put a battery operated tea light under it.  I also saw where you could mix Mod Podge and acrylic paint to make them. (I painted this a few days ago.)  Well I did that and the brush strokes look kind of bad so I decided to frost over it with spray glass frosting.  Here are the results.  Tell me what you think.  Some times what you plan does not work out but something else happens that you like better.  Click the picture for a closer look.

This is the top view.

Closer side view.  It looks crooked but I have not fastened them together yet.  I will make sure they are straight when I attach them together. It was too light out so I did not put the tea light under it.


  1. Now Tudy, you have been crafting long enough to know there are no mistakes in crafting; only happy new discoveries. I think it is absolutely beautiful. Perfect, kindda serene and mythical. Just need a little fairy to come and sit on it.

  2. I bet it's going to be so pretty with the light under it at night! :0)

  3. I hadn't realised it was painted when I saw the photos earlier. Great idea, and with the tea light, it looks really pretty

  4. this is amazing Tudy! I love how it looks and did not know that you had painted it...thought it came that did an amazing job on this...maybe you should do a tutorial on how to make these.


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