Saturday, June 29, 2013

Sewing and Storm

This is the sewing I did today.  Putting the rows and strips together.  I plan on putting white all around and then use some of the rest of the jelly roll for borders.  Hopefully tomorrow.

We had a very bad storm today that only lasted a short time but it dropped an inch of rain in about 20 min.  We also had very bad winds and some hail.  This spot never really puddles but it sure did today.  I thought the wind and rain was going to blow in my front windows it was hitting it so hard.

This spot always puddles but not so fast as it did today. This is out my back door. It is calm out right now.


  1. Your wiggly whimsy looks great! Sorry about the storm and the rain. I hope the rest of the storms miss you tonight.

  2. The quilt looks pretty - nice work :)

  3. I LOVE your quilt!!! That is a lot of rain in a short period of time.

  4. Oh, that looks lovely. I'm still working my way to mine, lol.
    Hope the puddles dry up soon

  5. Pretty quilt! That's a lot of rain you got in such a short time. We don't get that here.


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