Thursday, August 29, 2013

Last Blocks

Here are the last 5 blocks for hubby's quilt.  It is just a twin size.  I am so glad this part is finished.

Here is the stack of blocks, 35 in all with 595 pieces in total.  We will get it laid out on Monday.  Then I can start sewing them together.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Storms Yesterday and Blocks

We went shopping yesterday and it was raining lightly.  The heavy rain was not to come in till late morning or early afternoon.  These pictures were taken at 10:00 AM.  It was raining hard when we got to the store and did not stop till well after we got home.  It was also thundering and lightening a lot. These were taken out the front window of our van.

Five more blocks for hubby's quilt.  Only 5 more to go and I will have the 35 done.  Will lay them out Monday at Terry's.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Next 5 Blocks

Here are blocks 21 to 25 of hubby's quilt, only 10 more to go.  Getting impatient to see it laid out.  Maybe this weekend.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Thanks Terry

Thanks Terry for changing my background.  I really like it.  Someday I need to learn to do it myself, but you do it so well.  That is what I hear from your dad about the bills.

7 More Blocks

I have been busy this morning sewing.  Hubby is gone for the day so I can sew without being bothered.  I did 7 blocks for his quilt.  That makes 20 of the 35.  Maybe I can get them done this week.  Then I will have Terry and Emily help me lay them out.  Emily has a good eye as to what looks good. This is about as scrappy as I can get.  I am too much of a matching person. Well here is the picture of them.

Friday, August 23, 2013

More Blocks

Here are the 5 blocks I finished today.  Only 22 yet to go.

Here are the 13 blocks I have finished.  This is not the final layout.  I will figure that out when I am all finished.  That red block and lighter brown block sure show up well.  Click for a better view.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Next 5 Blocks

Here are the next 5 blocks that I did today.  Only 27 more to go.  I think I am getting a system as to how to do some chain sewing with these blocks.  That will make them go faster.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

First 3 blocks

Here are the first 3 blocks for my Pennsylvania Quilt for Hubby.  Terry is doing hers more scrappy.  I will have 35 blocks each from a different fabric.  I hope to get it put together before winter gets here.  I am proud of how my corners match on these blocks.  I always have an issue with my corners. Only 32 yet to go.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pickles, Cutting and Hanging

Helped teach Eric and Terri to make pickles on Fri.  We did 15 pint and a half jars of garlic dills.  I never knew they made that size jar.  They all sealed and looked good when we were done.

Went to Terry's on Sat. and hubby stained her swing and she cut the strips and lg. squares for my next quilt.  I still need to cut the strips into smaller lengths but that is the easy part.  This is a quilt for hubby to use this winter so I have to get busy.  There will be 35 blocks and none of them will have the same print in them.  It will be interesting to see how this comes out.

I decided to hang my Wiggly Whimsy quilt on my bedroom door that hardly ever gets closed.  I have run out of wall space in my mobile home.  It is just folded over a dowel stick and hung with cord on a removable hook.

I also hung my House quilt on one section of my closet folding door that stays shut most of the time.  I like having them where I can see and enjoy them.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Sewing and Band

Emily wanted a camo water bottle cover so I had to quilt the fabric I had here to make her one.  I am in love with my quilting foot.

I put a handle of webbing on to carry the bottle.  This was my idea awhile back and I have sold a few of them.  The handle makes it so easy to carry when walking.

Last night we went to our granddaughter Emily's marching band show.  They do this each year before the football season starts.  This is the front of the band.  She plays flute and is in the next picture of the back of the band.  I could not get the whole band in the picture.

They preform their half time show for all of us.  It was really a great show.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Flowers and New Walking Foot

Here are the newest flowers to bloom here.

I had a walking foot I bought but it did not really work on my machine.  Terry found me a new one and it works great.  This is just a sample I did first thing this morning.  The foot works like it is suppose to.  I love it.  I also took out the quilting on the diamond star table topper and re-did it.  It looks so much better.  Thanks again Terry.

2013 Quilt Show and Elk

Went to this quilt show with Terry and Emily.  It was a great day. Lots of pictures.

This is Emily's hand feeding the elk.

Mom's and babies.

Bull elk.  These 2 are the only ones they leave the antlers on to show people how they grow.  One by the fence was hand raised and he can feed him from his hand.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Christmas Cards

I printed my 45 Christmas cards awhile ago but tonight I added the things I am adding-on to them.  Sorry I can't show you them now.  They just have to dry and I can put them away till later to address them.  As most of you know I plan ahead on most things.  I have a lot of my gifts made and am planning when to start my Christmas breads.  I bought the foil pans the other day. I can almost smell them baking right now.

Blanket and Hanging

Here is the last blanket from my baby yarn.  It will go to Project Linus whenever I get a chance.

Terry saw this laying by my chair in a pile and suggested I hang it on this narrow wall.  The picture makes the wall look funny but it is the way the sun was coming in.

I did some crocheting yesterday but can't show it because it is a gift and they follow my blog.  I also did some stitching and hope to get it put together soon.  I will post it when it is finished.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Re-Decorating and Food and Table Topper

I wanted something different to hang above our TV.  I noticed the small quilt Terry made me and it fits perfectly there.  I just sewed 4 rings on the back and Hubby hung it up for me.  Where the quilt had been on a narrow shelf I put back my monthly wall hangings.  I had not had them out for awhile so it is a nice change to see them again.  I love both changes.

Hubby put on a crock pot of beef vegetable soup this morning and I added some alphabet pasta I had in the cupboard.  It only took 1/2 hour to cook it with the soup on high.  He used canned veggies in it and beef stew meat.  This is what is left and it was still steaming so the picture is a little fuzzy.  Sorry about that.  It was so good.  

I almost forgot to add this Table Topper I finished the other day.